PFAS free Trays


New sustainable package range laminated with PLA inner is PFAS FREE. This new range is suitable for conditions from freezers to ovens. This range has high performance in both moisture resistant and greased resistant. There is no deformation compare to normal fiber packages. Fresh vegetables, fruits, meat, meat products, ready meal, delivered food will be kept as fresh as just from the farm, butcheror as presentable as directly from the kitchen.

-Oven up to 200°C for 30 min* and microwavable up to 3 min for all type of food

-100% made from pulp of sugar cane and bamboo which are both abundant and renewable.

-High quality fiber combined ingenious with PLA inner bringstiffness and strength 

-Innovative and unique fitting lid locking concept that avoids leaks and spills and ensure secured transport for take-out and delivered meal services

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