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We were firstly involved in molded bagasse fiber products back to 2002. Our mission is to deliver sustainable Eco-friendly packages in the manners of high quality standard, food safety and passionate service. Almost 20 years, we are working on one type material "yearly renewable bagasse pulp". Pioneering of precised color and pattern in printing, PFAS free packages fit for high temperate occasions. Coffee cup lid and cutlery made from plant fiber are in the pipeline. 

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GMP is carried out in our daily production. As a manufacturer with BRC certification, product safety is our fundamental rule. By following the latest food packaging regulations, we attach great importance to the chemicals used in production. We minimize the chemicals used in production to ensure the functionality and safety of the products. Strictly implement internal quality control procedures, including raw materials, auxiliary materials, additives and finished products to ensure customer satisfaction. In addition, we have continuously improved this process with corrections.


After years of practical experiments, innovation is our advantage. Our latest FPAS-free packaging products can be used for hot food just like plastic products, while other currently available solutions can only be used for room temperature food.We are the only company in the molded fiber industry that can efficiently produce printed edge panels with precise colors and perfect patterns. We are the one who import customized machines from the United States to actualize this possibility.

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Plastic pollution especial marine plastic litter has became crisis to humans and ocean species. 2019 G20 Osaka summit, regarding to "Environment and Energy", a common global vision, the "Osaka Blue Ocean Vision" which is aiming to reduce additional pollution by marine plastic litter to zero by 2050 through a comprehensive life-cycle approach was shared.


Unfortunately the efforts to curb plastic waste are failing. With the COVID-19 pandemic, economic decline, inequality and race relations, and climate change have collectively moved the growing plastic waste crisis out of the priority inbox. During the pandemic, single-use plastic has grown through the use of personal protective equipment, medical devices, packaging for improved safety and for expanded food delivery services.


We need alternative solutions to eliminate plastic products. More specifically, we desperately hope that packages are not made from petroleum, but made from renewable, sustainable, and environmental friendly materials. Bagasse pulp package is an ideal alternative. This has been the focus of our attention for the past 20 years to provide such a sustainable solution. noodle

In line with the goal of sustainable development, we provide long-term and welfare work for the rural poor in China.