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PFAS free/Compostable and Biodegradable

Our new sustainable package series laminated with PLA inner is PFAS FREE. This series is suitable for conditions from freezers to ovens. This series has high performance in terms of moisture and grease resistance. Compared with ordinary fiber packaging, there is no deformation. Fresh vegetables, fruits, meats, meat products, ready-to-eat foods, and takeaway foods are all as fresh as those directly from the farm, butcher shop or kitchen.

 Lamination Factory Profile

  • Our workshop for lamination is hygiene, bright. It complies with GMP Standards. Available inner films for lamination are PLA, PE, PBAT.


  • Molds for lamination are all specially treated with a high-tech performance coating. This allows our laminated products to maintain a stable quality without air bubbles or peeling off.


  • After years of laminating work, we have trained skilled workers, which is the key to obtaining stable and high-quality products. In addition, we have a strict internal quality control system.


  • We pay special attention to trimming tools. All of our trimming tools are made of ABS (ABS material has impact resistance and durability), which is essential to have precise fixing functions so that the product can be accurately trimmed. 


  • The trimming process is equipped with robotic parts. Each ABS tool has several cavities, but each cavity only trim one product at a time. Multiple cavities ensure efficiency. Trim one product in each cavity to ensure the accuracy of the product diameter.

 robot hand

  • We have also developed an additional process to solve the problem of film fragments stuck in the product or remaining of untrimmed film. This is the secret weapon of our high quality laminated products. There are no tiny film fragments or foreign objects in the finished products.This is extremely important for lid fitting.

Our laminated products are applicable to FDA and EU reguation of food contact safety. If you would like to know more about our products, please feel free to contact us at or call + 86 771 4951961 any time.

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