Sugar cane pulp is a great sustainable packaging material

Bagasse is the material left over after the sugar is extracted from sugar cane. It is used to burn as fuel. Transferring bagasse into pulp and using it as an alternative material to plastic is a great invention. We follow this path and create more. 



To be Sustainable during production and design

To achieve sustainability, it is our unceasing task to save energy in our production processes and to take this into account in our designs. We observe and study our production processes and we save any necessary energy. Our products are designed to reduce labor and energy consumption without compromising quality and functionality.



For the Sustainability of Society

We care who we work for and who works for us. Great and comfortable working conditions are provided in the offices and workshops. We make sure that we are surround by a joyful working atmosphere. Our mission is to ensure that our employees and customers feel the energy we create. We only offer the best products and hope that those who come into contact with our products will feel the soul we have built. We contribute to society and carry social compliance.

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