Floral Wallpaper Series

Make your plate looks different

Benefits of products:

  • Produced with exact color Printing ink and printing image are strictly selected and QC as per Pantone code.
  • High quality image: All images printed on every paper plate are high-resolution and the best quality possible.
  • Use FDA Approved safe ink: Our FDA-Approved ink is imported from Germany and certified according to FDA regulations for food contact and safety.
  • Smooth texture and sturdiness: Through our extensive experience producing bagasse products we have created a unique treatment of production molds. Therefore, our bagasse material has the smoothest surface texture and a pure white finish. We always apply the appropriate angles and reinforce ribs to make the product as sturdy as possible.
  • Biodegradable and compostable: Our paper products are certified ASTM 6868 for biodegradability.

Product Specification:

  • Size:6''
  • Dimension:Φ 154*10mm
  • Quantity:125*8=1000pcs/CTN
  • Usage:suitable for hot and cold foods
  • Material:sugarcane fibre(Bagasse fibre)
  • Manufacture:China
  • Printing customized:yes

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Are these products good for environment?

Yes,our products are Eco-friendly & good for environment because:
All of them are made from a rapidly renewable sustainable resource.
-Low carbon emission footprint.
-Completely compostable in normal soil within 180 days.
-100% Biodegradable.

-100% Free tree. 

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